Summer Vegetable Ragout

1/2 sweet yellow onion, 1/2 inch slices, 1-2″ long

1/4 # fresh green beans; after washing, cut off stem and then cut in half width wise, leaving each half at about 1.5-2″ length

2 roma tomatoes, diced into 1/2″ pieces.  If you like, pick a different tomato, such as cherry or grape.

4 mexican grey squash, quartered and cut into 1/2″ pieces.  If unavailable, yellow or green domestic squash will do.

1 can of garbanzo beans, well rinsed

1 can diced green chiles

2-3 cubes of chicken bouillon cubes

2-3 chicken breasts, cooked however you like.  For this recipe, I diced into cubes and browned in a sauce pan.

In a large stock pot; add onion, garbanzo beans, and raw green beans.  Cover in water, add bouillon cubes, and set to medium to simmer.  Stir occasionally for 5-10 minutes.  You can cook your chicken during this time.  Once onions look soft- add squash, green chiles, and tomato.  While stirring, add your favorite seasoning.  I used cracked black pepper and a citrus and fennel salt from Bella Cucina (  Once chicken is cooked, add to stock pot.  Bring stock pot down to a low heat and let simmer for 30-45 minutes.  Just like a crock pot recipe, the longer you let it simmer, the more flavors will develop.  If it looks dry at any point, add some olive oil.  In retrospect, fresh chopped garlic would also be a nice touch to this recipe.

Serve in a bowl.  Too add color, garnish with your favorite green, perhaps parsley or even a fresh cut cherry tomato, and fresh cracked black pepper.  Add some grated parmesan, (because cheese makes everything taste better), and bon appétit.


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