This is the best recipe because it’s so simple and easy, but so good.  You can make these green beans in bulk and put in the fridge for a healthy snack option through the next couple days, or you can make as a side dish for your meal tonight.  Either way, deliciousness awaits you.

  • Trim desired amount of green beans.  Trimming involves rinsing first and then cutting off the stems.  If the green beans are longer than 3-4 inches, cut in half.
  • Boil a large sauce pan of water.  When water is boiling, add green beans.
  • Cook green beans 5-8 minutes, or before they start to lose their bright green color.  If you are unsure of the proper cook time, pull a green bean from the water.  Let it cool for a second or two and then try to snap it in half.  If the green bean snaps in half easily, then remove pot from heat.
  • Strain green beans and then place in serving dish.  Put the serving dish in the fridge.  Use the top shelf and leave uncovered.
  • Let beans chill 20-30 minutes.  Generally, if serving with dinner, prep green beans first.  While cooking and preparing other dishes, the beans can chill.
  • Once the beans are chilled (or room temperature will do), remove from fridge. Toss the beans in your favorite EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and balsamic vinegar.  Add cajun and italian seasoning, salt and pepper, as desired.
  • Thinly slice red onion and add some shaved parmesan as a garnish.



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