I feel really great about myself because I always (at least 8 times out of 10) remember to bring my reusable grocery bags when I shop. Whether it be the grocery store, shopping mall, or running errands in the ‘hood- I come prepared.  The small percentage of times that I don’t bring my own bags, I go without or I take a paper bag (so that I can use it to put recycling in later, of course).  I feel like I deserve a solid “A” on this reusable grocery bag issue.

I have just one problem keeping me from an “A+”.  My problem hides above the fridge, shoved in the crevice between the fridge and the cabinet.  It’s my stash of used PLASTIC produce bags!  Yes, every month or so I take all the bags back to the grocery store to “recycle” in the proper receptacle.  Although I’m making this effort, the fact of the matter prevails, I’m still wasting a plastic bag for every bit of produce I buy at the supermarket.  FYI, I buy a lot of produce which equals probably about 3-6 bags a visit, 9-20 bags a week.  It’s frightening and makes me feel like my reusable grocery bag endeavor is a farce.  I know this is a bit drastic, I can be a little bit hard on myself at times.  Recycling is alway a great thing, even if inconsistent or infrequent.

So I found the answer to my recycling query at the health food store, near the check-out, barely visible on a wall of miscellaneous promotions.  A jewel, a diamond in the rough, and only $5.49…Washable (and reusable) produce bags.  These nylon netted bags, measuring 11″ x 14″, are made to use for collecting produce at the market and as a storage container at home.  When you are finished and ready to reuse, rinse and dry.  I put mine in my reusable bags so that I remember to take them into the store.  A small thing that really impressed with this product is the minimal packaging, one of the nylon bags doubled as the package (brilliant and so green).   The bags do come in different measurements, available on their website (along with purchasing information)



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